Gym Bag Essentials

I finally got my cute gym bag in and I am obsessed so I thought I would share with you what is in my gym bag!

  1. Face wipes and baby wipes. 
  2. Deodorant. 
  3. Body spray.
  4. Hand sanitizer.
  5. Hair ties.
  6. Hair brush.
  7. Make Up. Since I try to get some workouts in first thing in the morning I take some make up to get me ready for the day.
  8. Chapstick.
  9. Headbands.
  10. Shoes. I have shoes specifically for the gym. I keep them in my bag at all times.
  11. Extra Shorts.
  12. Extra Shirt or sports bra.
  13. Lotion. 
  14. Dry Shampoo. Life saver!
  15. Hair spray.
  16. Water bottle.
  17. Headphones. 
  18. Protein bars. It’s important to have a snack on you so before or after you workout you have something quick and easy to eat.
  19. Clothes. I need to take clothes with me, because I go to school or work right after the gym.
  20. Sweat towel. It’s so nice to wipe down before leaving the gym.


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