Weekly Workout Word 1

We all know sometimes working out everyday or even 4-5 times a week can be a daunting task. It also can increase risk of injury and could keep your muscles from recovering. For me working over 40 hours a week, being a full-time student, and building a home…the mere thought of setting time out of each day (or waking up at 5 am) to work out makes me want to cry ugly tears! I have found the best solution to this issue. Start by setting a goal of 90 minutes of physical activity a week. Try to do 45 minutes of strength training and 45 minutes of cardio weekly. You can do it all in one day if you would like. Although, I recommend breaking it up into two workouts if possible. Even if you can work out for approximately 13 minutes a day you will meet your goal! You can make your own schedule just fit that 90 minutes in. (FYI: That is less than a full episode of The Bachelor!) You will see results, especially if you are starting from nothing. Starting small is always the best place to start. After you feel like you can do more, then you can add a third session to your week. I recommend adding a 30 minute high-intensity-interval-training or a 30 minute yoga session to relieve stress! Happy workout!

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