Essential Gear to Get you Going

These are the top 11 items I think you should get for the new year! Some of these things you may all ready have hidden in your kitchen or closet so dust them off or go on a shopping spree and get ready to kill it in 2018!

  1. New workout outfit and a good pair of jeans! You can never go wrong with getting some leggings and a new sports bra to get you in the mood to hit the gym. Also, nothing makes you feel like your life is all together like a nice pair of jeans. They are easy to throw on with anything and look put together.
  2. Shoes. Get a good pair of shoes that you like to workout in.
  3. A Gym Bag. Great to throw all your stuff in and keep organized.
  4. Blender. I have a NutriBullet and I love it. If you are looking to make larger portions of smoothies I would recommend a Ninja.
  5. Fitness Tracker. This can be in the form of a watch or an app. Find your favorite and roll with it. I personally have a Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.
  6. A lunch box and some containers to take your snacks and meals with you. This is help you avoid eating out and save you a lot of money.
  7. Water Bottle. Get something cute and fun. Take it with you everywhere you go!
  8. Bluetooth headphones. These changed my life! I love being able to have headphones in to workout without cords getting in the way and they make running with music a lot easier!
  9. Small weights. I have a pair of 5 and 8 pounds and I can use them for any home workout!
  10. Pilates or Yoga mat. Whichever you prefer is great. These are great to take to a class or turn anywhere in your home into a workout space!
  11. Journal/Daily Planner. Always plan out your day and week. Not just for workouts, but to organize your life in general. Keep track of thoughts you have throughout the week.


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