SMART New Year Resolutions

The new year is here and I know my personal goals for this year are very cliché. They include eating healthy, exercising, saving/making more money, attending church more often, and I hope to excel in my home life, the workplace, and in school. 2018 is a going to be a huge year for my husband and I. We are both on the pursuit of college degrees, building our very own first home, and starting a family (with dogs and babies…whichever comes first). In pondering these goals I thought I would share my tips on how to achieve your goals this year and stick to those crazy new year resolutions you have been thinking about.


First things first always write down your goals and put it somewhere you can look at them often. My personal favorite place to have my goals is in my planner. It is easy to reference every month, week, or everyday if I wanted to. (If you don’t have a planner… invest in one ASAP. I got a really cute one at TJMaxx for only $10. Target also has amazing planners and you can create your own!)

Get a partner. Share your goals with a significant other, a friend, or a family member. Having someone hold you to your goal and support you is key.


S- Specific 

Ask yourself who, what, where, when, and why until you can narrow your goal down.

M- Measurable

Use numbers!

A- Achievable

If your goals sound ridiculous to you and others… they are. Bring them down a little until it can be something to reach for, but something that is not out of reach.

R- Realistic

Nobody knows you better than you. Be realistic! Nothing kills a goal like discouragement when you don’t meeting the goal.

T- Timely 

Set due dates to check in. I like to do three-month intervals, but it depends on the goal and think what is best for the goal and yourself.


Don’t get discouraged if you don’t reach the goal. Make adjustments as needed and adjustments so you can feel good about where you are at and where you want to go! Believing is achieving and achieving is believing!

Be careful when making goals about weight. Sometimes we may feel great when we are eating healthy and exercising but the numbers on the scale aren’t showing progress. Instead make your goals aimed towards exercise and eating. If the weight falls off quickly that will be a cherry on top of feeling fantastic about yourself.

GOOD LUCK to everyone in the new year! It’s going to be an amazing year full of laughter, memories, and reaching health and wellness goals!


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