Meet Me!

Since I am starting this blog I thought it would be a good idea for me to let you in a 20 important facts about myself!

  1. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart. He really is my best friend and my biggest support system. We are building our very first home together this year and I couldn’t be more overwhelmed and excited about it!
  2. I am the oldest of 5 siblings. My younger sister is 16. Then I have a 15-year-old brother and 13-year-old brother… then it is my baby brother who is 5. So I am the oldest by a lot and have been a second mom in these kids life, especially after my parents divorce about 5 years ago.
  3. I was a dancer. I danced in college and on various companies and teams. I still teach acro, ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop! I love it… it really is the best thing about my week.
  4. I am a student at Utah Valley Univeristy. I’m studying Community Health Education. I changed my college major 4 times. I went from business, to dance, to nursing, to teaching. That finally helped me discover a way to do all of these things in one. With a Community Health degree I can explore my passion for health and education.
  5. My mom is one of my very best friends, I don’t know what I would do without her and I call her about everything and anything. She also had to be my “dummy” for all my health and wellness ideas. She loves it… I think.
  6. I love sleep… Sometimes I plan my day around what I can to do sneak in a 20 minute nap (usually in my car outside of the dance studio in between work or school). I try to have everything done so I can to get to bed as early as possible and sleep in until the last possible minute. I need a solid 7-8 hours or I feel terrible.
  7. I LOVE food.
  8. My guilty pleasure is reality tv. Keeping up with the Kardashians, Vanderpump Rules, and anything Bachelor franchise.
  9. When I get a day off with no homework I will sleep and binge watch anything I can on Netflix… right now it’s Glee.
  10. I love The Lady Gang podcast. I listen to it anytime I’m in the car.
  11. My favorite books (so far) is anything Jodi Picoult or thrillers like The Couple Next Door, The Girl on the Train, and Gone Girl.
  12. My family is originally from Iowa. Go Hawkeyes.
  13. I am a die-hard Denver Bronco fan.
  14. My favorite place I have traveled to (so far) is New York.
  15. My house burned down when I was 8 just a few days before Christmas.
  16. I was homecoming queen.
  17. I did pageants. I was Miss Kamas Valley and Miss Summit County.
  18. I wanted to be a figure skater when I was younger, but I was and still am horrible at skating.
  19. Laffy Taffy is my jam.
  20. I definitely have an online shopping addiction.

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